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Matt Frenette


Matt’s love of music started at the age of 5 while playing the bongos listening to records with his parents. Artists like Perez Perado, Tito Puente, Harry Belefonte, Johnny Cash and Tom Jones were always spinning on the record player. By the age of 10, Matt was learning his rudiments in a marching and concert band. Some of Matt’s influences include Mitch Mitchell, Buddy Rich, Ginger Baker, Michael Shrieve, Keith Moon, Billy Cobham, and Manu Katche.

Matt’s solid groove and his visually exciting performance has created a demand for his appearance in many different artists’ recordings, videos and tours. ie: Loverboy, Streetheart, Tom Cochrane, Bryan Adams, Kim Mitchell, Colin James and many other talented musicians. His ability to remain current and “hip” is only paralleled by his passion and energy for performing on the drum kit.

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