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S T Y L E .. . . . . .

the above experience lies primarily in rock, pop, reggae and soul drumming. performing live and recording with acoustic drums and/or electric pad triggers. integration with running loops and samplers. solid click track work.

M O R E I N F O A N D S C H E D U L E .. . . . . .


S T U D I O E X P E R I E N C E .. . . . . .

worked with major label producers. album, jingle and session work. studio experience includes: Quad Studio, NYC; The Oven, Glen Cove, NY ; Sound on Sound Studios, NYC; Archer Studios, VT; Hit Factory,NYC; LoHo studio, NYC; Electric Lady Studios, NYC; Nevessa, Woodstock; Chuck Eller Studio, VT; Applehead Studio, NY; Mark Dann Recording, NYC; White Crow Studio, VT; Threshold Studios, NYC; Zion Studio, Brooklyn; Boondog Studios, NYC; Dubway Studio, NYC Kaleidoscope Sound, NY; among others

L I V E E X P E R I E NC E .. . . . . .

played 2750+ live shows in the past 18 years. toured usa, europe, canada. numerous live, on air radio, recording and television performances. averaged 150 shows/yr touring schedule since 1993.

B A N D S – P A S T A N D P R E S E N T .. . . . . .

alicia keys, tamar-kali, the ruling party, dr. israel and seven, belizbeha, alice stopkoski, neil anderson, jazzhole, paula o’brien, new soul orchestra, marc anthony, maypool, rise and shine, tate, orange factory, mosquitos, nick demayo, lisala beatty, shelly riff, david davinci, toy, monet, greg naughton, rich price, alexis hightower, overdue books, john mayor, david sancious, kyle lange, chuck, the amazing headless boy, no vacancy, jennifer marks, shitake monkey, marlon saunders, ben arthur, jeff peretz, soundview, jon pondel, leslie nuss, deena goodman, chris phillips, jerome jordan, craig mitchell...

I N F L U E N C E S .. . . . . .

donny hathaway, gene lake, me’shell ndegeoccello, lewis taylor, steve gadd, stevie wonder, brian blade

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