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Louie Palmer


Louie Palmer began playing drums at age 6 with an introduction to drumming from his Father, also a drummer. With his Father’s guidance and teaching, Louie joined a local concert band at age 10 playing all types of concert and classical music. In 1996 he began studying with Peter Precious who was instrumental in teaching essential skills such as reading, styles and technique. In 1997 Louie joined the Merton Youth Concert Band and the Merton Youth Jazz Orchestra. The concert band allowed Louie to continue his classical training, while the big band really made Louie serious about playing the drums. The classic big band sound was inspiring and exciting and turned Louie on to drummers such as Buddy Rich, Louie Bellson and Mel Lewis. This band was also taught him about timekeeping, reading charts, lead sheets (and dragging a horn section. These two orchestras played at venues all across the UK including the Royal Albert Hall, Royal Festival Hall and Wimbledon Tennis Championships. Tours of Italy and Norway were also organised.

At the end of 2001, aged 17, Louie left the Merton bands to pursue other projects. His freelance work was taking over and he was playing gigs across London with various bands, jazz groups and the like

Louie has performed in many clinic situations including clinics with top UK drummer Steve White. Early 2004 saw Louie perform at The Best of British drum show organised by mikedolbear.com.

In 2004 Louie gained a World Scholarship to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston. Although there a short time, Louie studied with phenomenal drummer and Zildjian artist Mike Mangini.

Check out Louie’s website at www.louiepalmer.com for more news, clips and information on his new DVD.

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