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Franklin Kiermyer

Franklin Kiermyer (born 1956) in Montréal, Canada, is a drummer/composer who came to prominence in the 1990s during his long residency in New York City. Kiermyer’s work is inspired by a variety of spiritual musics including the late period of John Coltrane and more recently by his own practice of Tibetan Buddhism. Kiermyer’s album Solomon’s Daughter’, featuring saxophonist and Coltrane band member Pharaoh Sanders, received a great deal of media attention and established his reputation as a leader in what some journalists have called “Ecstatic American Music.

What The Critics Say:

As a leader:<br> *Breakdown the Walls (1992, Konnex)<br> *In the House of My Fathers (1993, Konnex)<br> *Solomon’s Daughter (1994, Evidence)<br> *Kairos (1995, Evidence)<br> *Auspicious Blazing Sun (1999, Sunship)<br> *Sanctification (1999, Sunship)<br> *Great Drum of the Secret Mirror (2002, Sunship)<br> <br><br> External links:<br><br> * [http://www.mobilitymusic.com Official site]<br> * [http://www.myspace.com/franklinkiermyer MySpace site]<br>

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