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Franklin Kiermyer

FRANKLIN KIERMYER (born 1956) in Montréal, Canada, is a drummer/composer who came to prominence in the 1990s during his long residency in New York City. Kiermyer’s work is inspired by a variety of spiritual musics including the late period of John Coltrane and more recently by his own practice of Tibetan Buddhism. Kiermyer’s album Solomon’s Daughter’, featuring saxophonist and Coltrane band member Pharaoh Sanders, received a great deal of media attention and established his reputation as a leader in what some journalists have called “Ecstatic American Music.

What The Critics Say:

• “Kiermyer plays with volcanic authority.” Dan Ouellette / DOWN BEAT

• “His writing is fiercely primal and his drumming ferocious, unbridled...” Fred Bouchard / JAZZIZ

• “Blessed with the ecstatic quality of his attack...drummer Franklin Kiermyer is that rare jazzman.” David Fricke / ROLLING STONE

• “Passion, power and pride...An unstinting drive, a bracing and uplifting incantory quality.” Gene Kalbacher / CMJ NEW MUSIC REPORT

• “Absolutely amazing stuff!” Michael Cuscuna / BLUENOTE - IMPULSE - VERVE - MOSAIC

• “Transcendant…flows like white water.” Bill Meyer / MAGNET

• “...a striking new voice of the jazz vanguard...a daring composer...” Sam Prestianni/ SAN FRANCISCO WEEKLY

• “...he is a polyrhythmic whirlwind...this is the real thing...marvelous, powerfully affirmative music.” Bill Tilland / OPTION

• “...enough to make you believe that music can still be frightening as well as sacred.” John Szwed / THE VILLAGE VOICE

• “Kiermyer plays (and composes) with an almost evangelical belief in jazz as a form of pure inspiration.” David Hajdu / ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

• “Kiermyer is a give-no-quarter kind of drummer for whom the word intense would be too mild. He Burns.” Karl Stark / THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

• “Kiermyer supercharges spiritual modality...I predict it won’t be long before he’s a headliner.” Herb Boyd / DOWN BEAT

• “Kiermyer sounds like Elvin Jones and Rashied Ali wrapped up into a furious, thunderous package; he must be one of the most exciting and intense drummers around.” Linton Chiswick / THE WIRE

• “...a jazz master at work...as forceful as a thunderstorm...a terrific band...”” Stephen Israel / TIMES HERALD RECORD

• “Kiermyer is a drummer who follows his own muse, creating a sound of yearning and revelation... derived from an intensely personal sensibility.” Sid Gribetz / JAZZ TIMES

• “...a journey in the Sun Ship to heights of spiritual experience through music...captures that mystical ecstasy with magnificent aplomb” the editors / JAZZIZ

• “...I haven’t heard anyone drum with so much brazenly savage virtuosity since Elvin Jones pounded a hole through the firmament on John Coltrane’s Sun Ship.” Tim Powis / EYE MAGAZINE

• “...An explosive player with incredible endurance…remarkably intense…” the editors / DRUM!

• “...such beauty and energy, I kept turning the volume knob higher and higher…inspiring.” Mark Corroto / SOS JAZZ

• “This is a monumental album...Franklin Kiermyer’s Solomon’s Daughter” Greg Tate / VIBE

• “...fiery...it explodes and takes you for a ride. The playing is superb.” Bob Margolis / VH1.COM

• “...Visionary...(Kiermyer has) landed himself in the land of jazz titans.” James Lien / CMJ NEW MUSIC REPORT

• “The music of Franklin Kiermyer...searching and extending the search... unquenchable desire in every bar.” Thom Jurek / ALL MUSIC GUIDE

• “Kiermyer ties together holy music of revelation from cultures throughout the world...breakthrough moments of spiritual/musical epiphany.” HD Tracks

• “What a journey, what a view.” Christopher Porter / WASHINGTON CITY PAPER


As a leader:

Great Drum of the Secret Mirror (2002, Sunship)

Sanctification (1999, Sunship)

Auspicious Blazing Sun (1999, Sunship)

Kairos (1995, Evidence)

Solomon’s Daughter (1994, Evidence)

In the House of My Fathers (1993, Konnex)

Breakdown the Walls (1992, Konnex)

External links:

• [http://www.mobilitymusic.com Official site]

• [http://www.myspace.com/franklinkiermyer MySpace site]

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