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John Besser

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John Besser has been hitting things with other things, since age 5. It began with pots and pans, and continues today with drums and cymbals. At age 10, John performed live with his brother’s band. The crowd cheered as he played Kiss’ “Love Gun.” This was a defining moment in his life, and he has been performing ever since.

  • Drummer with over 20 years experience
  • Performed with The GNB, Nine Days Old, The Boogie Knights, Brotherlove, Elvis Christ and the Memphis Apostles, greatestnamelessband, The Time Travelin Mo-Fo’s, Knight Fever, PGM, Future Chicken Farmers, Reel Thing, Mutt, and many others
  • Toured Las Vegas, Washington D.C, Maryland, New York City, New Jersey, Long Island, and Connecticut
  • Performs 150 gigs per year.
  • Multiple live appearances on National Radio
  • Drums/Producer/Engineer – greatestnamelessband – (releases 2003-2007)
  • Drums/Producer/Engineer – Elvis Christ and the Memphis Apostles (released 2002)
  • Drums/Producer/Engineer - Nine Days Old “What comes up” (released 1999)
  • Drums/Producer/Engineer - Time Travelin Mo-Fo’s (releases 1995-1999)
  • Multi-instrumentalist - bass, keyboard, guitar, programmer
  • TV Jingles for SPIKE TV
  • ASCAP member
  • Owner: Record Label – OTTO Records and Filmworks LLC
  • Pro Tools whiz

John has played and shared a stage with many incredible musicians, done tons of recordings, played Vegas on NYE 2008, been on major radio, toured, released CDs, TV jingles, taught lessons, produced many bands, produced a film, scored a soundtrack, and started a production company and record label. John can professionally fake bass, keyboards, guitar, vocals, and cello, when necessary.

John has many talents but the Drums are what he does best. He spends most of his time practicing, teaching, rehearsing, recording and performing live.

John can be seen performing weekly with The GNB, throughout the NY-NJ circuit. For information regarding bookings, lessons, drum tracks, music, audio production services, etc...

Contact John Besser

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