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Jim Bogios


San Francisco bay Area native; Jim Bogios, is a much in demand musician to say the least! The majority of the 90’s found Jim as the touring drummer with Sheryl Crow. According to Jim, “The gig with Sheryl afforded me the opportunity to play with many talented and even legendary musicians.” Early in 2000 Jim finished off Sheryl’s world tour with a show in New York City’s Central Park where he was joined onstage by Eric Clapton and Keith Richards. This show was recorded and released as “Sheryl Crow and Friends Live From Central Park.”

In his spare time, He had been playing with various sidemen/friends including members of the Counting Crows and Tracey Chapman’s band. This ongoing project has been titled “Glider”. In 2003 Jim joined the Counting Crows as a permanent member.

Jim Bogios got his start playing music at an early age since “earlier than he can remember”, Jim was listening to music and “banging on things”. Jim participated in the Youth Orchestra affiliated with The San Francisco Symphony and helped them to win an international competition. Jimmy’s father, a trumpet player with the San Francisco Symphony, was always a big influence and even wanted him to pursue a career in the symphony. Jim’s love however was rock music. Citing The Beatles, The Stones, The Who, The Police and Led Zeppelin as heavy influences, Jim says he likes “any songs which have great solid drumming.

Jim studied drumming and music for many years with two Bay area teachers: Gregg Sudmeir and Jack Van Geem who has been the principle for the San Francisco Symphony for many years. Early on in his career, Jim gained much valuable experience playing with the Bay Area band “Papa’s Culture” Jim moved on from the band after six years and has continued to play with other local artists such as Dean Del Ray and Guitarist, Chuck Prophet. Most recently, Jim has recorded with Nashville Artist, Jeff Black, Mark Eitzel from “American Music Club”, Kim Ritchie and recorded a few of the tracks on the Sheryl Crow release “The Globe Sessions”.

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