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Haroldo Ferretti


Haroldo Ferretti started playing at the age 14 when he got his first drum kit as a present. Self-taught, he always stood out due to his feeling and performance.

His first band, Circuito Fechado, had influences of the Brazilian pop, Ska and rock-n-roll. When that project disbanded he started playing with several bands and artists from his hometown, Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais state), splitting his time between gigs and the rehearsal studio that he managed. In 1991 Haroldo was invited to join a band influenced by Reggae, Ska and Dancehall, a Jamaican style from the 90’s that incorporated elements of electronic music. This band was christened SKANK and has so far recorded seven albums, all with impressive sales. After eleven years on the road, with an average 90 shows per year, Skank & Haroldo Ferretti tour the main Brazilian cities promoting their newest album, “Cosmotron”.

After promoting a DVD launch in 2005 with the “Cosmotron” tour, Haroldo and Skank will take a break to produce and record a new album.

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