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Hamish Rosser


Hamish started playing drums at the tender age of eleven after switching from guitar and received expert tuition from Oz-rock drum beast Pete Heckenberg who provided training in both the rudiments and favourite rock songs of the day. Hamish’s first gig was with high school punk band “The Warthogs” and consisted of three classics; The Clash’s “Should I stay or Should I Go”, The Ramones’ “Blitzkreig Bop” and The Sex Pistols’ “God Save the Queen”.

At Sydney University Hamish enrolled in Engineering but spent more time in the rehearsal room with stadium rock comedy band “Bigphallica” and original grunge band “Enemy Me” than attending lectures. After graduating from uni and then backpacking around the world the focus returned to music. A string of unsuccessful original bands led Hamish to the world of paid gigs in the form of “Sixties Mania”, an Aussie concept show covering the great music of the 60s. Playing six nights a week and up to five sets per night in the casinos of the US and hotels of Hong Kong really straightened out his playing and during a brief break in Sydney he spied an ad in the Sydney street press which led to a successful audition with The Vines in December 2001 who were an as yet unheard of band.

After one month and four gigs in Australia The Vines were off to the US and UK for the beginning of a wild ride through 2002 which included appearances at the Coachella festival in California in April, Conan O’Brien in May, Glastonbury in July, David Letterman show and Reading & Leeds festivals in August, MTV VMAs and the cover of Rolling Stone in September. Cracks began to show when the band were ejected from the Jay Leno show during the soundcheck but the relentless touring continued through to the Big Day Out in 2003. When the time came to record the second album in May 2003 The Vines had toured the US and UK four times each as well as Europe, Canada and Australia twice each taking in such legendary venues as CBGBs, Mercury Lounge, Bowery Ballroom and Roseland in New York, Shepherd’s Bush Empire and Brixton Academy in London and every smoky dive in between.

The Vines second album spawned the singles “Ride” and title track “Winning Days” and after the sell out Aussie Invasion tour with Jet and The Living End as the best support bands in the world the Vines continued on through Europe the UK, Japan and Australia. The gruelling tour took its toll and the band made history by being banned from Triple M’s airwaves after an infamous gig at the Annandale in Sydney.

Since then Hamish has been working with the Vines on album No 3, playing with friends “The City Lights” and “Bigphallica”.

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