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GLENN MORTIMER - Drum Solo Artist / Educator / Mason Rack Band

Glenn received his first drum kit at the age of two as a Christmas gift from his Grandfather and soon began playing in school and church bands at the age of 9. From 1982 to 1985 he studied music in the USA, continued studies with private drum teachers when returned to live in Australia. He began performing professionally in Melbourne with his high school music teacher in 1986.

Now married, settled down, and living in Queensland Glenn performs locally and internationally 3 to 4 nights per week with the Mason Rack Band. Glenn also keeps up a schedule of teaching and local drum workshops.

In June 2007 Glenn began production on his first album of solo drum compositions. In 2008 he finishes his first solo drum CD “Love the drummer not the drums” and finished writing a drum instructional book, “Fertilizer”, which he is hoping to have published one day? He also began pre-production on a drum instructional DVD based on the concepts in his book.

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