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Ginger Fish


Ginger Fish has been drumming in Marilyn Manson since 1995. His simple yet powerful approach has been the driving force behind Manson’s hit albums: Antichrist Superstar and Mechanical Animals. Ginger cleverly combines modern drum sequencing and sample loops with traditional drum instruments. Along with an Akai MPC sampler, Ginger uses a double bass/multi-tom drumkit and an array of Z Custom range cymbals to complete his sound. Ginger’s unique style and approach to playing have earned him much acclaim and have helped the band reach multi-platinum status. He has been featured in interviews with Modern Drummer and Drum Magazines.

Ginger, a left handed drummer who sets-up right handed; always goes for simplicity and taste in his approach to his playing. According to Ginger, this is why he landed the Manson gig and has been the drummer for this band ever since. Check out Ginger’s potent playing on Manson’s most recent release Holy Wood (In The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death). For more information on Ginger and Marilyn Mansion please see the band’s official website at www.marilynmanson.com.

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