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Dave Buckner


Dave Buckner grew up in the Northern California town of Vacaville, best known as the onion capital of the world. Papa Roach (otherwise known to their fan base as P-Roach) formed in high school and having been Rocking the charts ever since. Dave, whose first instrument was violin, was taking drum lessons from a 70-year old female jazz drummer by the time he reached junior high. He quickly make first chair in concert band, but shortly thereafter got his first drum kit (for Christmas) and proclaimed: “I’m sick of this school band crap “I wanna play rock ‘n’ roll!”

His next move, “I sat down with (Led Zeppelin’s) Physical Graffiti and a set of headphones and went to work.” He says of his influences: “I remember being three years old and listening to (Ping Floyd’s) The Wall on car rides with my mom. Later I would kick it at my aunt and uncle’s with Suicidal Tendencies and Metallica on vinyl. My friends in grade school got me into Run- DMC and the Beastie Boys, and junior high was all about classic rock. In high school, I was into a whole range of stuff, from John Coltrane to Fugazi. That’s when I discovered all the great and beautiful music that isn’t part of the mainstream. I’ve kept my mind open ever since then.”

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