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A 19y/o guy who played drums for the Pop-rock band called HAMMILAN. Simple,Quiet,but wild on Drums as other people says.

He started drumming when he was at Grade 4. “Hindi ko inaasahan na magiging drummer ako. Humawak lang ako ng stick sa school (Drum & lyre) eh destined na pala ako doon.” as he recalls. Eventually,after he was bored on playing tha snare drum, he switched on full drum set-up. “MAYA drumset ang una kong nagamit nuon. sira sira pa yung mga pyesa nun ang hirap gamitin.” he laughed. Then he joined a battle of the bands on their church at the early age of 14. His parents won’t believe that he knows how play drums. “Eh paanong maniniwala sila Papa eh wala namang drumset sa bahay. syempre iisipin nila na nagbibiro lang ako na marunong ako. Until na mapanuod nila ako sabi nila ang galing-galing ko daw.” Darrel with his bandmates won 1st place on that certain event.

On his highschool days, he slightly stopped from drumming because he wants to focus more on his studies. He kept his lovely sticks on his closet and bring out his study table. “Dumadating talaga sa time na kailangan may bagay na kailangang iprioritize. Siguro if I meant to be a musician, it will come.”he said. On his 3rd year, his bandmate called him saying to form a band again. He don’t know what to say but he agreed. He again took his drumsticks on the closet and start practicing with his bandmate. It took 3months but after that some problems comes to the group and he decided to go out of the band. But after what happened, he didn’t stop practicing at his own pace and time. “Hindi mo naman dapat imukmok o iiyak yung lost na yun eh. You must move on. Syempre masakit din but yun talaga eh. Nangyayari talaga. So I keep on practiing na lang sa bahay eventhough I have no kit to play, I keep on listening to songs na gusto kong siprahin.”he added. After a year, he decide to form a band. His bandmates was his childhood friends and churchmate. The band called The Muggles. He was the one to name the band. He got the idea from the movie Harry Potter. “Yung time na yun kasi, kailangan nang bigyan ng name yung band for the production. Eh nanuod ako ng Harry Potter nung gabing yun. Naisip ko, yun na lang. The Muggles.” And his friends agreed on it. “Naging maganda naman ang takbo nung band. Walang problema,masaya lahat.” And not until Hammilan entered.

November 30,2007, Darrel and his drummer friend Oliver Santos(Elmo) had a chat wherein the topic is about the Hammilan group. Oliver told him that Mr. Hammilan Pavoreal was looking for a drummer to play original songs and to release an album. Darrel got Hammilan’s number and that night he texted Hammilan. Amazingly, Hammilan was calling on his cellular phone. “nung gabing yun, hindi ko alam kung totoo ba yun. Sya ba talaga ang tumatawag? Sinagot ko. Siya nga.” Later on, he joined the group leaving behind his own group. “Syempre mahirap talaga para sa akin. I formed it tapos ako yung aalis. Una hindi ko matanggap but again, I have to moved on.”. The HAMMILAN was officialy on the music industry on June 2008 with their First single entitled “Diskarte”. They did bar shows, tv appearances, and also Mall Tours. But badly after 3months, problem came. “Hindi ko alam yung mismong dahilan, pero we stop on making shows etc. Syempre ok naman lahat tapos ganun na.” And the bad news arrived telling that they have to stop. Their last show was on the Pavilion mall at Laguna.

Today, Darrel was now a freelance drummer. But we heard that Rey Nunez of “The Members” is negotiating to him to be their drummer. We think Darrel is shifting to 60’s music. Who knows? Why not.

You can send him your comment or message to ryudarelgaffud.blogspot.com his official Blog page..

Good luck Darrel B. Gaffud

“keep on rockin’ even w/out using DRUGS”- Darrel(his signature when we got his autograph. How sweet.)

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