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Dan Pinto


Born in New Jersey in 1960, Dan Pinto’s career as a multi-instrumentalist began in 1974 as a drummer. But even though his extremely talented ability as a successful composer/keyboardist overshadowed his success as a drummer exclusively, he never gave up playing the kit. In fact, his musical influences as a keyboardist are what uniquely fueled Dan’s success as a drummer. Likewise, his years of experience in music as a drummer gave him an equally unique approach at playing and composing at the keyboards.

Dan Pinto’s interest in drums started in 1968 through seeing his older brother’s band at rehearsals. Having studied on his own without formal training, he purchased his first drum set in 1971 and was playing his first live paying gig within 3 years time. While his brother’s interest in playing keyboards in the late 60s only lasted a few years, Dan took advantage of having access to that equipment which is what started him on the path as a keyboardist as well.


Dan Pinto would start out listening to very basic Rock & Roll music as a drummer. Bands like The Beatles, The Doors, Black Sabbath and Iron Butterfly were always on the turntable. But once Dan started to excel at playing keyboards, that would all change. Keyboard Rock or Progressive Rock bands would replace the more commercial Rock & Roll albums. Bands like Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Yes & Genesis were now more in line with Dan’s expanding interests in the mid to late 1970s. But things would shift yet again in the 80s with his growing interest in Jazz-Fusion. The music of Return To Forever, Jean-Luc Ponte and The Dixie Dregs were next in line. And again in the 90s, Dan’s interest was further refined by Pat Methany, The Rippingtons, Spyro Gyra & Lyle Mays.

Studio Recording & Stage Performance

In the 1980s, Dan Pinto’s need to expand on recording his music compositions would bring him into building his own recording studio. His well developed ability to play a deeply diversified array of instruments would allow him to produce his own sound without the need to hire outside musicians. He would also develop and excel at sound engineering & production putting together several solo albums throughout this time. He continues to do so to this day but in the 2000s has more frequently brought in other players to add dimension to his sound.

Dan Pinto’s live stage experience started in 1976 exclusively as a drummer and slowly transitioned until the early 1990s as a performing solo artist on keyboards. It was at this time that his music compositions began gaining interest from the industry in the field of video and television. This was his primary reason for focusing more exclusively on studio recording. Starting in the late 1970s and early 1980s, because of Dan Pinto’s fast developing ability at the keyboards, he would begin to perform in bands as first a drummer/keyboard player and then as a Keyboardist/Drummer/Percussionist. His role as a drummer would take on a shape similar to that of Phil Collins where Dan would be more the keyboardist for the band much like Phil was on vocals, then joining in to support the primary drummer on certain music numbers. This gave the bands that Dan Pinto played with a very interesting live performance look for the audience as Dan also performed on many types of percussion instruments as well. Another reason was due to double drum solos which became a staple as part of the live shows with Dan playing this multitasking role. Dan’s first all out live performances of this type started in the early 1980s with the band “Juice.” Aside from receiving an extremely warm reception from the audience for an opening for Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Dan Pinto would also debut his first original fusion compositions for these shows with this band as a keyboardist.

More interesting live performances with other bands of this type would come and go during the mid to late 1980s, but Dan Pinto’s success would come more on his own as a composer at the start of the 1990s.


Joining BMI early on during this next decade, by 1990 Dan Pinto had already written music that was placed on industrial, commercial and independent film projects for companies such as BMW, AT & T, RCA and CNN. But in 1991, his music enjoyed escalated success when he began writing for the nationally syndicated shows, “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous” and “Runaway with the Rich & Famous.” His music would continue being placed on these shows for several years. In 1992, Dan Pinto began releasing solo projects of his work.

In 1995, Dan Pinto wrote, directed and produced an independent film for reasons none other than to compose it’s soundtrack. As was with all his past solo works, he always wrote and performed all of the drum and percussion parts for the music. The project took several years to complete and the soundtrack was produced and released on the independent label, Eclectic Sound.

In 2000, Dan Pinto returned to the studio to record his solo album, “Visions.” He also did a Christmas album that same year. Dan’s time at the keyboard was packed with composing and studying the workings of orchestral music as well as working with independent filmmakers during the mid 2000s. But as a drummer, aside from his continued writing & recording for all in house studio projects, he left himself open as a musician for hire, even performing live on occasion. Dan Pinto worked with the band “3 Point Play” recording drums with Dave LaRue, bassist for the “Dixie Dregs” which resulted in an album release in 2001. In 2006, Dan Pinto’s music was recognized at the “JPF Music Awards” when he received a nomination for “Best Instrumental Song Of The Year,” the result of an honor that scanned 300,000 entries from all around the World. And in 2008, he released his solo album, “Anomalies.” This project was like none before in that it thoroughly combined Jazz-rock fusion, Progressive Rock and Film Soundtrack orchestration styles of music very effectively. “Anomalies” would bring Dan Pinto’s early roots to light with a more modern and unique approach with this combination. One that solidified his unmistakable style as a composer.

"Dan Pinto's Official Website"

Dan Pinto’s official Website is a place where you can learn much more about Dan and his music. Dual biographies on both instruments have been prepared. There is a much more detailed account of his use of equipment, his styles and influences in music and technical aspects of some of his work. MP3 audio and video samples have been made available and his solo albums are available for purchase. You will also find very detailed information about his original movie and read interviews & reviews on what others have said about Dan and his music. And you can catch up on whats new and planned for the future. Just click on the link below...


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