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Clem Burke


In 1974 at age eighteen, Clem Burke formed the group Blondie with Chris Stein and Deborah Harry. Clem played drums exclusively on all Blondie recordings including their massive hits “Call Me”, “The Tide is High”, “Heart of Glass” and “Rapture”. Each of these songs attained number one status worldwide on the Billboard singles chart.

In addition to Blondie, Clem has recorded and performed with Pete Townshend, Bob Dylan, Joan Jett, Johnny Thunders, Kiki Dee, Ramones, Robert Fripp, Dramarama, The Romantics, Iggy Pop, and Brian Wilson. With the Eurythmics Clem played on three worldwide tours and three albums including “Revenge” which features the Grammy Award winning Best Rock song “Missionary Man”.

Other recent projects include a full length CD with “Take That” vocalist Mark Owen. The record, entitled “Green Man”, has yielded two Top 5 UK singles over the last year. Clem also performed on the release by H (Steve Hogarth) entitled “Ice Cream Genius”, and of course, Blondie’s recent album “The Curse of Blondie!”

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