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Charlie Harrington

Charlie Harrington has been playing drums since the age of 5 and has played professionally since the age of 15.

A child prodigy, Charlie has performed with Woody Herman, Freddie Green, Stan Mark, Kirk Whalum, Larry Coryell, Kurt Elling, John Scofield, The Jazz Connection, James Simmons, and David Holcombe. His blues playing credits include sharing the stage with Joe “Guitar” Hughes and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

He studied with jazz drumming legend Ray Bauduc for two years and later with Tim Tull and went on to finish First Place in the regional Slingerland/Louie Bellson National Drum Contest. Additionally, Charlie is the recipient of the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award. He has also taken master classes with Ed Soph, Louie Bellson, Donny Osborne, Joe Morello, and Ed Shaughnessy.

An inventive, highly skilled, and versatile performer, Charlie is comfortable in everything from trio and small group settings to big band ensembles. He’s known for sophisticated rhythms, distinctive accompaniment, and powerful solos.

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