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Carter McLean


Carter McLean is what sports writers call a” multithreat”. Along with playing some SERIOUS drum set, he also plays tabla and piano. In addition, he’s a composer, arranger, and synth programmer. And the guys only in his early twenties! -Modern Drummer Magazine.

Carter McLean was born in San Francisco California in 1978 and shortly there after moved to Connecticut. This is where McLean listened and fell in love with music and especially the drums. At age 10 he started his journey as a musician. Today living in NYC he has been exposed to every style possible. From big band at Birdland to the Lion King on Broadway. Mclean has been busy touring and doing studio work in the city as well as touring with brother Jamie McLean and R&B singer Martin Luther. McLean has also shared the stage with Victor Wooten, Anthony Hamilton, Bernie Worell (Parliament Funkadelic) Fred Wesley (James Brown), Leni Stern and many others. McLean continually tries to check out all the knowledge in NYC and grow as a musician.

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