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Carlos Hercules


One of the UKs top session drummers Carlos Hercules has been playing drums for over 20 years, inspired by the beats of Dennis Chambers and Steve Gadd. Throughout this time Carlos has remained busy working with some of the music industrys highest profile female acts, including tours with Beverly Knight and Belinda Carlisle. In between he has had numerous TV and live appearances with Heather Small, Emma Bunton, Dina Carrol, Sam Brown, Mel B and Lulu.

In 2001 Carlos played on the Marti Pellow arena tour and recorded the album Smile.

Most recently Carlos has played live with the reggae legend Jimmy Cliffe and the UK tour included dates with Dave Stewart and Candy Dolpher who co-wrote on Jimmys new album.

In 2004 his work included touring with the Waterboys and also with Bond on their Far East tour.

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