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Bubba Bryant


Laying down a solid foundation is how drummer William “Bubba” Bryant approaches every musical situation from Funk to Rhythm and Blues, from Pop to Jazz.

Bubba started playing drums at the early age of five. He later trained as a classical percussionist at Tennessee State University and Eastern Illinois University.

His talents and musical style have been recognized throughout the music industry. Bubba has toured and recorded with many of today’s major artists including George Benson, the Crusaders, Roberta Flack, Bobbie Womack, Norman Brown, Jermaine Jackson, Ronnie Laws and many others.

Bubba Bryant also performed as both drummer and musical director of the teen idols the Backstreet Boys in support of their Millennium Album.

In demand as a clinician, Bubba Bryant has been active in the U.S.A. Percussion Camp at Eastern Illinois University. He also teaches at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles.

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