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Andy Newmark


Andy Newmark has played drums on Flesh + Blood, Avalon, Boys And Girls, Bete Noire, Taxi, Mamouna & As Time Goes By. Andy also played on Roxy Music’s 1982 tour and Bryan Ferry’s 1988 tour, this can be seen on the High Road and New Town videos.

Andy has aslo played with :- Willie Weeks, Jim Keltner, David Sanborn, Will Lee, Steve Gadd, Hugh McCracken, Michael Brecker, Randy Brecker, Luther Vandross, Carly Simon Neil Jason, Tony Levin, Ralph MacDonald, Earl Slick, Klaus Voormann, Jimmy Maelen, Don Grolnick, Ronnie Cuber, George Benson, Sly & the Family Stone McKendree Spring, Phillips-Macleod, Glamour Camp, Mark Farner Band, Tom Verlaine Band, Grand Funk, ABC, Alessi Brother, Andy Pratt, B.B. King, Bob James, Badfinger, Carole King, Cat Stevens, David Bowie, David Forman, Evie Sands, John Lennon, Jim Capaldi, Liona Boyd, Roy Harper, Steve Winwood, Yoko Ono.

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