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Andy Bews


Andy has been passionate about music for most of his life; having two elder sisters playing loud music all day introduced him to the world of rock and pop at a young age. Andy quickly developed an interest in playing music for himself and set out to learn how to play the guitar and drums.

Fast forward ten years and in early 2001 Andy became a professional musician and has since enjoyed success with his band Hundred Reasons on a very high level. They have toured most of the world and have been in many music mags, Andy himself being the subject of many a drum mag feature.

With six top 40 hit singles and two Top 20 Albums the band are still going strong today.

Hundred Reasons are currently writing and recording their massively anticipated 3rd album, which is due for release in Spring 2006.

Andy has spent time teaching drums and has paid numerous visits to the Brighton Institute of Modern Music, Brighton UK to pass on his extensive knowledge of the music business to others hoping to get into it themselves.

Andy says, I think its a privilege to do the job I do, so I feel that I should pass on anything I know to the next generation of musicians, hopefully helping them on their way to great things. Music is fun, can be hard work, but if you try your best the rewards are amazing!.

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