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Alessandro Casci


I Began the study of the instrument under the guide of master Alberto Rosadini, approaching to me several musical styles (rock, POP, funk..).

Subsequently I have deepened the study of the jazz with master Alexander Fabbri , playing in several formations spacing from the Combo Small to the Big Band. I have participated to many great seminaries with batteristi(Roberto Cat, Fabrizio Sferra, Steve Smith, Curly Alessio), Master Class di Massimo Manzi and the clinics of the Berklee School during Umbria Jazz

In the course of the years I have avutola possibility to play and to exhibit with numerous groups and musicians to me, in contexts always diversi: Rock, Funk, Jazz, R’ n B’, etc.

From 1999 I teach near the school of music " The Trillo to Florence”.

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