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Mid-Range Drum Cymbals

While budget kits may have cheap cymbals thrown in with the package, mid range kits usually come without cymbals. And by now you will want a set of pretty good cymbals. If you spend $1000 on a kit you will have to spend at least half that to get comparable cymbals. This is where the reality of the drum and cymbal companies being completely separate finally catches up with us.

It’s unlikely you will want to keep any of your starter or low budget cymbals. You’ll probably be heartily sick of them and ready for something rather more refined. You’ll want at least the appropriate mid-price bronzy cymbals from one of the proper manufacturers. These cymbals tend to be what’s known as B8, sheet or rolled cymbals.

As with mid-price kits these mid-price cymbals are improving in quality all the time and the choice of ranges is steadily expanding. Some to look out for are Meinl Classic, Raker and Lightning, Paiset 802 and Alpha, Sabian B8, Pro, Pro-Sonix and XS-20, Zildjian ZBT and (for the hard hitters) ZXT, etc.

They all have their strengths and weaknesses and characteristic timbres. While the various different makes of drum sound pretty similar (given the same heads and tuning), you will quickly discover that different makes and types of cymbal all sound quite different. It’s up to you to test them out and decide which you prefer. Your dealer will have boxed sets of many of these cymbals, which will come with extra goodies like bags/cases, towels and even videos.

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