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The paradiddle is a drum rudiment that combines single and double strokes. The standard paradiddle is in the form of RLRR LRLL (R being the right hand, L being the left hand and Bold indicating an accent). It is important when playing this to make sure that all the strokes are evenly spaced.

Paradiddle Inversions

By starting a paradiddle a beat later or by moving the accent it is possible to come up with different sounding patterns, these are know as the paradiddle inversions

Moving The Start: Inversion 1: RLRR LRLL Inversion 2: LRRL RLLR Inversion 3: RRLR LLRL Inversion 4: RLRL LRLR

Moving The Accent: Inversion 1: RLRR LRLL Inversion 2: RLRR LRLL Inversion 3: RLRR LRLL Inversion 4: RLRR LRLL

Other Paradiddle Applications

The paradiddle is a versatile rudiment and can be applied to the drums in countless ways, some basic ideas include:

* Splitting the hands between different drums: eg the right hand playing the ride cymbal and the left hand playing the snare, * Splitting the paradiddle between hands and feet: eg the hands play the R’s and the feet play the L’s * Ading, moving and altering the accents: eg accent only the right hand and not the left * Switching through the paradiddle inversions: eg inversion 1 then inversion 3 then inversion 2 then inversion 4 and repeat * Adding various speeds: eg if playing a paradiddle as 8th notes make the double strokes 16th notes

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