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Open Slap Tone

The open slap is an accent (louder) note that adds color to your drumming. This is also the most difficult sound to make on some drums. To make the sound, cup your fingers slightly as you strike the head. After your hand contacts the drum, relax your fingers and let them bounce off the head. The slap stroke makes a ipopi sound of a higher pitch than the basic open tone stroke. When you hit is just right, the sound is bright and projects clearly.

The proper slap sound is like the perfect golf swing or the perfect baseball pitch; some days you have it, and other days you don’t. This is one of the beauties of drumming. No matter how long you play or how much you practice, you always have something new to discover or some basic skill to perfect.

Having trouble making the slap sound? One of the most important factors to getting that elusive slap sound out of your drum is making sure that the head is tuned properly. If the head is too loose or too tight, the sound is choked.

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