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Drum Cases

If you intend to haul your drums around, even a little bit, I recommend that you invest in a set of cases. Like everything else, cases come in a variety of styles. Here’s a list of the most common case styles:

Nylon or cloth bag. Bags come with or without padding and are great for light travel. They protect drums from some temperature changes as well as scratches and the occasional light bang.

Fiber cases. These used to be the standard cases. Fiber cases are made from wood pulp and resin. They can be padded inside (or not) and work reasonable well, unless they get wet. Water damages the case and sometimes the drum.

Molded plastic cases. Molded plastic is the newer version of the workhorse drum case. Like the bags and fiber cases, they can come with or without padding on the inside, and they’ve replaced fiber cases in most applications because they’re waterproof. Well, maybe not totally waterproof-you wouldn’t want to submerge them underwater n but they will keep most moisture out.

Flight cases. These are the hardcore cases designed for air travel and intense road travel. You can push these of a truck and bang them around without ever damaging the case’s contents. Flight cases are overkill for the average drummer (even for most professionals). You need some of these only if you intend to embark on that world tour; otherwise, any of the other types of cases should meet your needs.

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