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Eric Thievon


As a teenager he played with local rock bands but then in the late 80’s he decided to go to the USA to develop his drumming skills and widen his musical horizon. He studied in the PIT and Grove School of Music where he was taught by Steve Houghton, Chuck Silverman, and Joe Porcaro
As a result, he’s become an eclectic drummer and an accomplished drumming teacher. Today he’s a very active musician. He goes everywhere in France to play in concerts, for solo performances and teaching classes. He also teaches privately in his personal studio. He has written several teaching methods including CDs and videos. He has also released several solo albums and has played and recorded with Franck Tortiller, Billy Child & Steve Houghton, Dominique Di Piazza, Peter Nathanson, Jean Claude Rapin, Greg Szlapczynski, Thierry Anquetil, Paul Mindy.
He’s an endorser of Tama drums and he’s in charge of Tama drum schools in France.




2004 / 1991

F.Macarez, G.Paczynski, S.Phillips, O.Poléo, M.Portnoy, C.Silverman, R.Thaler, E.Toro, M.Visse, D.Weckl, A Mattalia, T Lang, C Vander, A Reyes Jr...


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