Rob Bujak

Rob Bujak

Rob Bujak is a drummer in the rock band called NOVA, out of San Francisco, California.

Rob is self-taught and has been playing the drums for 14 years, since he was 10 years old. He is currently playing a Tama Starclassic Birch drum set with Paiste cymbals and Pacific Hardware. His style of drumming ranges from jazz to hard rock. Rob is influenced by Papa Jo Jones, Buddy Rich, Bill Briford, and John Bonham.

In the press, NOVA has been described as:

“Powerful bombastic sonic guitar assault for the senses... emotional, soulful singing... deliberate and melodious songs, Nova’s debut album is 50 minutes of unadulterated, sonically engorged ear food, and not the junk kind....”

The sound of NOVA is exactly what you would imagine from their name: big, bright, and powerful. They have captured the sounds of the best classic and contemporary hard rock, bringing to mind such touchstone bands such as Soundgarden, Deftones, and U2.

They released their debut, full length album “Nepenthe” in May 2009 to stellar reviews, and the coverage keeps on coming.

Since their album’s release, NOVA have been road warriors, touring across the United States, with headlining shows, as well as being honored to play notable shows with Black Label Society, Papa Roach, and Halestorm. They have also captured attention on top radio stations such as Live 105 and 107.