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From: Carthage
04/16/2008 21:27:26
Hi,  There are a lot of possibilities.  First of all, you could just make up something.  Have the guitar player play some song, and then in the middle just make up a drum solo.  When you are finished playing, just start playing a beat, and the guitar player can join back in and end the song.  That's the simplest method.

If you do that, the people don't have anything to compare you with, so they can't say whether you did a good or bad copy of something.  They can only decide if they like it or not.  That depends on you.

If you want to copy something the problem is everyone will compare you to the original and judge you on how close you sound to it.  That can be tricky.  But, if that's what you want to do, there are some old songs that come to mind.  "Teen Beat" by Sandy Nelson or his "Let There Be Drums" are good to copy.  Also, "Caravan" is a good song for drum solos that has been done by about a million drummers.  The Ventures did it too.

You can find these songs somewhere on the internet.  Amazon.com for example.  I hope that gives you some ideas.  Don

From: Carthage
04/15/2008 22:37:42
Hi,  You can still do wipe out if you want.  It is just a single stroke roll with accents.  The first solo part is on the floor tom.  The second on the bass tom.  You can vary it.  It's pretty straight forward.  The guitar part is easy too, so that shouldn't present much of a problem for any guitar player who can actually play the guitar. 

Just listen to what the drummer is doing (single stroke roll) and put the accents in.  You just have to practice it until you can do it.  Don

04/15/2008 15:42:23

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