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From: nikkiekck
08/20/2009 02:11:03

Thanx for the comment. At first i thought maybe it's too late for me and i'm a girl but what the hell if i am, at least i will be doing something i love! I first started this out to support my son learning. I am excited about it even if fience wonders why i want to (he's umm..musicaly challanged..lol) I find it exciting and challanging! I do have a few begginner questions if you wouldnt mind helping a newbie out? What kind of set do you recemend to start with, keep in mind i have very little room till we move in november.Also fience works nights so sleeps alot of day. I will get some drum pads. I was thinking a snare and maybe a cymbal? as for sticks i was thinking a Vic Firth.

mwrayman wrote:
Good for you! have a few female students that range in age 13-20 something the first thing I tell them is you will be a assest to any group being a girl drummer but first we have to make sure you dont play them like a girl.(play strong and hard)

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