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Janus Pedlas
Posted On 05/05/2008 14:37:20
hmmm! i've been looking at Mapex Janus pedals!(double) but ive found a left handed set anyone know if they can definatly be changed from left to right?

Tags: Pedals Mapex Hardware

Posted On 01/20/2008 17:01:47

I got my new drum kit. Mapex M birch in transparrent cherry red. Rock size. sounds 100 times better then my old kit lol.can't wait to get the rest of my band together so we can practice again. On a Random note..any body know what material a removable and re-stickable logo is made from, for a bass drum.(bit like a window sticker)..

Tama or Mapex?
Posted On 08/09/2007 20:28:26
i having abit of trouble deciding what to go for a Tama or Mapex...i was thinking of a Tama Imperialstar. but then again i've herd that mapex were good.. so i don't know!! lol

drum tech assesment!
Posted On 05/28/2007 17:29:18
yay!! i have finally phoned up Drumtech in London, For an assessment!it on Thursday 31th May 2007!!! can't wait!!

And I passed!!! WOOOO!!!!!

Drum tech
Posted On 04/30/2007 18:00:02
yay!! might be off to drum tech in london! to have a brush up on a few skills! gotta phone up and aply yet lmao! and take an assesment can't wait!!

was at cradle of filth last night(more def in my left ear then i was and have no voise but it was worth it!!) woo! awsome! and hanzel und gretyl were the surport band they were Fukken Uber!! lol off to see leaves' eyes again in belgium in Oct at the metal female voises fest! got back stage passes! yay !!

Posted On 01/23/2007 19:01:08
i need help! i'm trying to find out about drum triggers. but i not sure how they work on an acoustic drums..and what equipment i need for them to work! i found some ddrum triggers on the net but no details to wot they need to be connected to or how they work! can any one help??

Posted On 01/16/2007 19:38:46
well...i have had an operation on the 22nd dec on both my knee..it sux can't play my drums for a long time! and i got loads of new stuff for it.. like a cowbell and mount, new evans G2 drum heads, 10" Tom, 3 pairs of new sticks. the closest i can get to playing at the moment is a practice pad...but its just not the same...Crushed!

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