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City Limit Band at Post 88 on my Pacific Coast Birch Kit


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From: kinsall
12/29/2008 12:26:41

Great talkin to ya we'll get together next year sometime!

From: KenSanders
12/29/2008 11:37:17

Hey Robert,


It's been too long my friend.....we have some catching up to do for sure.  I didn't read this until this (Monday) morning, so I did miss the jam you invited me too.

I am the moderator of the drum forum and I think you will see that there are all sorts of topics there.  I know you will want to participate in that so you can share your experience with younger drummers who seek advice here.

I've written several blogs that appear here as well.  As a matter of fact, if you just Google "drummer Ken Sanders" you'll see that they're also published in other formats as well.

I basically have four musical performance things going.  Once is the four pc. band "RetroSpect" that i've had for years.  I am also fronting "The Fabulous Fairlanes" four horns, four rythmn, and me out front.  Weeee're back and jamming on the same stuff we played in the seventies.  Also, I work with the Al Menah Big Band.  And last, but currently (I guess because of the sluggish economy) my most profitable venture.....the 3 pc. Jazz Group.  It's actually jazz, blues, and standards played in a jazzy-blusely way.  It's by far, the most profitable thing I'vd done in years.  2 hours for rich snobs pays really good.  

Give me a call (593-1498) and let's get together.  I may have some drum heads that you can use, since i have modified some of my sizes recently.

Where are you guys playing on New Year's Eve.  Where ever it is, I hope you have a good gig.

Stay in touch and check out the drum forum feature.





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