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From: jayman
07/08/2006 23:15:30
dude have you tried a little technique i call postcrashing? it's really cool and you'll pick it up right away. It's when u do a fill, idk say triplets on 3 and 4 but then u don't hit the crash untill a little after one. like on the and or on 2. and u continue your notes as iff your filling, but make sure when u come in with the crash your not trying to move time around. if it's on two then make sure your'e also playing the normall two-hit of you rbeatit's sounds cool if u use it right i'm not sure how good u are so if you know already the more power to u if not there u go. try it.

From: jayman
07/08/2006 00:00:27
dude nice to meet u. i thought i would never get any friends on here because it's so little still. do u have a aim sn? if so let me know

From: DoZa
05/12/2006 22:12:45
u got a nerve to write all this!!! good taste!

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