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From: eddiesabiniano
10/19/2006 15:48:08
Hi Anita,
I'm glad that you are sharing a message to us. The reason why Pasha, created this wediste is to share our opinions and learn from one anothers expirienses as a musicians. "Thanks to Pasha!"
And what i can share to you from my experiense; As a drummer the most importan is to maintain the beat and the dynamics when you play. You have to know when you are going to play soft, med and loud. It depence of the music that you playing. And the key is..You must hear everyone in your group. Play as a team. It's not about you are the best musicians in your group.(just for example) You just have to know how to blend with them.
To be a good drummer you have to studies all kinds of music and take time to practice. Be patient and Discover your own style. And that will make you unique.
For tuning drums there's a lot of ways and tools that you can buy. But later when you keep playing you'll get used to the right sound and it will be easy for you. Because you won't be comportable playing if you don't like what your hearing on the drums.
I hope this wil help? Practice hard and enjoy what you're doing....God bless!!!

09/10/2006 14:50:29
In answering to your querry: by asking questions you will not bother anyone, you will just add to an existing conversation! - For Drum Related questions, try searching the site first, the subject that interests you may have been already covered, and if not than go to the Drum Forum and ask away!
Welcome again!

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