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From: tdcdrums
01/31/2012 07:58:56

KenSanders wrote:
Welcome to Drum Solo Artist Dot Com!

Thanks Ken!! Now all I have to do is get going on my page!!
Have an excellent day!!

From: darwin
12/04/2009 01:12:26

thats what i thought

From: vista1868
11/25/2009 01:55:47

From: JRT1
03/30/2009 17:47:53

Hey Ken,

Thanks for the reply to my replay.  There are some shop's that have Onyx displayed.  I know that Fork's should as well GC.  Great comment though.

PLease feel free to contact me.




From: kinsall
01/30/2009 21:03:08

Iwent to the Play it again jam and talked to Gary Alen. They have one every month and post pics and U-tube videos, cool to meet some different players.

From: kinsall
12/29/2008 10:24:29

Do you still have any of the DW kits? The Yamahas look great just my color. I just got started on this, but I put a pic of you on my sight at Howard H Chili Bash with Jim Br.Bobby Br.Butch W.

From: kinsall
12/28/2008 14:16:09

Ken, how are you. I haven't kept up since Key Largo. You have a great page pictures and all kits. If you read this today on Sunday 28th. Gary Allen is hosting a jam at Windows OFF the Cumberland 515 2nd Ave.S at 4:00 cmon down should be fun!

From: thandag1973
05/02/2008 02:06:56
gdam, Hi, iv just fuond this site and become a member. I very glad that iv found your forum expecting that later you can give me tips in drummer coz im the one who teach my nephew (7 yrs old boy). I have play drums since high school but not as pro as you coz my major instrument is keyboard in fact im the keyboardist our church and at the same time music director. Anything that you can help me, just sent to my email add: thandag1973@yahoo.com.ph. Tnx in advance and Godbless, more power!

From: drumprophet
04/20/2008 18:55:55

hey ken like your new profile

From: Metalfinger
03/11/2008 18:28:15

Thank you for your input on the double bass group.
Im not always around to host or post, so I thank you for helping out with your knowledge and links. Very helpfull.

I recently got heads into tuning, something I think we've all neglected one time or another! haha

My 2007 Tama Superstars sound like thunder again!!
recent changes to my pedals also. Ive taken off the weights and loosend off the spring. Ive been in practise mode with the weights on for months now, just took them off and WOW! 


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