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61 years old
United States
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INSTRUMENT PLAYED: Drums and Percussion
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Outside of drums, I like the smell of freshly sawn wood. I've been busy building a new garage that was started in the fall of 2005. The outside was completed the Spring of 2008. Still have lots to do on the inside; this is a huge garage (20' X 40') with an upstairs.

Nothing like a good mystery movie.

When it comes to likes & dislikes of music its hard for me to choose a favorite. I was raised on rock-n-roll, but if there's drum and/or percussion, and there's good patterns and rhythms I'll like it, and that can be styles from one extreme to the other. I'll play most any style music. I like the challenge of sight reading, and for me that can be jazz band charts, or reading a drum/percussion part in a community symphony summer band.

Haven't read a book in years. My eye's are overworked as it is with all I read at work. When I'm not reading COBOL program's, I read drum articles and articles relating to recording.

The first heightened awareness of the seasons... that first sense of Spring, the first heat of summer, the first crispness of Fall, and the first snowfall.
And most of all, playing a song and not having myself critique or give myself "constructive" criticism on what I should have, or shouldn't have played or any of a hundred things that can bother me. It is true that we are our worst critic, but when it's good... it feels like the combined best of all four seasons.

Negative political campaign commercials/ads of opponents that are twisted truths or just bull. I'll always vote for the other candidate when they go too far.

Grew up around Rochester NY. Now in the greater Albany NY area. First kit when I was fourteen. Played tenor drum in the Grey Knight Squires drum & bugle of Rochester NY. Married my teenage girl friend... after many wayward years, and not until I was thirty - something. I play with a couple of talented, and wonderful people in the area. I told Daryl and Linda of Sundial Express I wouldn't mention their names. I play in community bands and coffee house's. I'll play for anyone anywhere when the opportunity presents itself.

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