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mem_normal OFFLINE
53 years old
Waukegan, Illinois
United States
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INSTRUMENT PLAYED: Drums and Percussion
PRIMARY STYLE: Alternative/Modern Rock
BOOKING STATUS: Available and Looking for a Band
DRINK: Sometimes
MEMBER SINCE: 04/04/2006
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Music, DJ, Dancing, Movies

Too many to list. I have so many favorites.

I've been in the record business for so long everything appeals to me. There isn't a genre of music I don't like. I talk to alot of young adults everyday, and they all seem to have blinders on. All they can see is the one genre of music they play or like. It's good/healthy to be open to all kinds of music whether its World, Rock, Metal, Punk, etc. and adapt those styles to your playing. I'll tell you one thing, it has step up my level of playing immensely. You can learn so much from those styles that can help you in your playing or even arranging, no matter how cheesy someone/bandmate might say it sounds.
I heard a good quote once: "a good composer borrows but a great composer steals." It shouldn't be translated literally. It's just saying it's good to take another player style and adapt it to your own. No matter what, it will never sound like them, for two reasons: first off, you are not them, and second, your unique style will always shine through.

Not much of a book reader. I usually don't have alot of time. But when I do, I feel I should be playing or practicing my drums instead of reading.

Check out my company's website www.danmarmusic.com.

My biggest turnoff is that of jealousy among drummers. Instead of admiring or embracing other drummers, most of us put down others just because they can play, lack of ability or just because they do something different. That doesn't mean you should dislike them. Everyone is different, whether it's there style, music preference, or personality. I have talked to alot of musicians in my life and I found that drummers are probably the must insecure and unsure of their abilities and themselves. Part of that is due to the lack of respect from other musicians. I hope that with this website and others, we can change that attitude, through sharing & expressing ourselves with our talent/instrument.

I've been a drummer for 25 years, and I've played in alot of bands. I have also played on alot of demos for up and coming songwriters/musicians. Everyday I feel the itch to get back into a band situation, but it is hard finding the right people to play with. Being in a band is like a marriage of sorts, you have to find the right people that have similar personalities, interests, ideas, or goals. Right now I am working on composing my own material. I practice about 3 to 4 hours a day, usually. Due to work sometimes I can't. Drumming has been a savior for me, especially when it comes to the stresses of work or everday life. I know I can always come home and take out my frustrations on my drums.

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From: ludwig457
01/15/2009 17:46:42

thanks for the add

From: BlackVelvetRocks
04/26/2007 09:29:53
totally agree with u mate! nice profile..keep on drumming!

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