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POSTED BY: Johnathan on Dec 8, 2008
How to Read Drum Tab

DSA provides another good resource at:


Many drummers play by ear, if you are just starting out, why not start off right and learn to read tab/notation.  This will allow you to become more fluid around your kit, reading tab also assists in preventing anticipation of various fills, cymbals hits etc.

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POSTED BY: nikkiekck on Aug 17, 2009
new drummer

I am trying to get started on learning the drums along with my son. i want to buy a set but i cant get a real expensive one yet and we dont have alot of space till we move. i looked online what about the PDP z5 series? its $200. also for my son to practice without waking his dad during day(he works nights) i thought of getting a drum pad any suggestions? my price range is $50-200. also any suggestions on learning drum pads at home through internet or a book/dvd? appreciate the help

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POSTED BY: Johnathan on Aug 17, 2009


That price range is going to be tough.  What you may want to do is get some quality practice pads and sticks and get started on rudiments.  Once you get those down and show the interest is still there, then you may want to invest in a full kit.  If you are cocnerned about noise than an electric kit may be the way to go and those start at about a grand unless you go use of which you can pick one up for about $300 to $500 pending brand and what comes with it. 

If you want an acustic kit, look for a used higher end one.  I own a MAPEX M Birch and it cost me without cycmbals new $1,200 from Musicians Friend, then add cymblas and added hardware I have put in total about $2,500. 

Ken may chime in with some specific suggestions.

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POSTED BY: PASHA on Aug 19, 2009
Drum DVD

Regarding the drum dvds you have asked, check them out here:


This is for all levels in all styles...


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POSTED BY: Johnathan on Aug 28, 2009

Good stuff, thanks for the link.

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POSTED BY: MrGeoMetro on Jun 15, 2010
Missing Tab Meaning

Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to read items like the following... 

My interpretation (that seems to be off) is:

measure one + marked 1, then

measure one + marked 2, then

measure one + marked 3, then

measure one + marked 4

Is that right? If not, please explain. Thanks!


(time 4/4)

C |X-----X---------|
H |--X-X---X-X-X-X-|
S |----o-------o--o|
B |o--o--o--oo--o--|
________________ ________________ ________________
1.3.| 2.| 4.|
C |X---------------| |X---------------| |X---------------|
H |--X-X-X-X-X-X-X-| |--X-X-X-X-X-X---| |--X-X-X-X-X-X-X-|
S |----o-------o--o| |----o-------o-oo| |----o-------o-o-|
B |o-oo--oo-oo--o--| |o-oo--oo-oo--o--| |o-oo--oo-ooo-o-d|

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