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Are You a Drummer?
Posted On 10/20/2008 16:23:48 by DrummersWeekly
Anyone who plays can be called a player. Not everyone who drums is a drummer. I have met players who play drums, and even some with great chops and technique, who just don’t play with their heart. Conversely, I have spent periods in my life without playing drums for months, or even years - but I will always be a drummer. The difference is very subtle, but very significant. There is always some kind of rhythym in my head. If my fingers aren’t taping on a desk, or my foot isn’t taping on the... Read More

Modifying the "Slave" DW 9002 Pedal
Posted On 06/04/2008 15:14:08 by nullmuse
This entry is to provide information to anybody out there who already owns a DW9002 double-bass pedal. If I were buying the pedal again, I would buy the 9002ACS which is infinitely harder to find, but has the footboard as one entire unit thereby eliminating the heelplate.
I bought the DW9002 awhile back, and thought to myself, "Now I can play double-bass on one drum, and if I ever want to, I can always use this second pedal as it's own 'stand-alone' pedal or use one on each drum!"It turns ou... Read More

Winding Down After the Gig is Over
Posted On 04/20/2008 11:16:46 by KenSanders
I’m back home from a two-night engagement at a supper club in the Cool Springs area of Metro Nashville. The total euphoria of the music we played has me wanting to keep on playing.  Ever have that feeling?

One of the very cool things about Nashville is that this city lives and breathes music.  And whether you are a performer or a listener, there is just a special interaction that is experienced in the small club performances.  Maybe I can explain that sensation a bit... Read More

Discussing Drum Tunings for Jazz, Big Band and Fusion
Posted On 04/13/2008 13:06:22 by KenSanders
Recently, I was asked  why the typical tunings used in “Acoustic Jazz”  for the bass drum and tom toms are higher than “Big Band” and “Fusion” tunings.    Well,  let’s talk about that a bit.  There are certainly no rules about how you must tune your drums, but there is some logic behind “why” some jazz drummers do use those "higher" tunings.

It’s basically a matter of being able to have a big full sound from the drums when played at... Read More

Louie Bellson's Power Rock set-up?
Posted On 03/15/2008 01:35:36 by KenSanders
I was watching the YOU TUBE video of a 1957 Louie Bellson performance of a tune called “Skin Deep”.  I have found out that this rather different version of that famous solo was filmed during his appearance on the Nat King Cole television show.  Wow.....fifty-one years ago!

I had the pleasure of meeting Louie Bellson, and hanging out with him and Larrie Londin, at the Nashville Local 257 of the American Federation of Musicians "old hall" on Division Street, back in the l... Read More

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