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..dRUMs & hORSEs
Posted On 01/20/2008 00:56:59 by jlzabat
 Lito Zabat was the original drummer of the Jovials, one of the most promising band during the 60’s. It was in summer of 1959 when he first held the sticks to play Latin Music with the Hi-Fi Band. When instrumentals and rock-and-roll  music became the trend its members re-grouped and formed the JACFERS; becoming regular talent of Baby O’Brien Show, Darigold Jamboree (channel 9) and Dance-O-Rama (channel 5).  In 1963 the Jacfers grabbed th... Read More

John Guerin....now who is he?
Posted On 01/06/2008 13:15:29 by KenSanders
Well, I got some emails asking me about John Guerin.  I believe those emails were a  result of some of my posts, wherein, I cited him as one of my favorite drummers and certainly someone I still listen to for inspiration. 

  Basically, the folks that wrote me wanted to know “WHO IS JOHN GUERIN?” 

Well............how about?............ one of the MOST RECORDED DRUMMERS OF ALL TIME?

Sadly, he left this world after heart fail... Read More

Site Update - We are back!!
Posted On 12/22/2007 12:56:46 by PASHA
As many (or all) of you have noticed, we were performing a big site update and most of the sections of drum Solo artist went down, I am happy to announce that We Are Back!
All should function as expected with the exception of some cosmetic issues if you are using a custom (not drum Live/default) template, and I will fix those very shortly, and the Drum Forum, which is still in the main... Read More

First Update of Drum Live
Posted On 03/27/2006 23:20:51 by PASHA
Today we have finished the First Big Update of drum Live, a lot of new functions has been installed and a lot of bugs has been worked out!

Enjoy.... Read More

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