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Enter Music Publishing Presses "Rock Royalty" Issue
Posted On 10/13/2010 15:50:14 by drummer41
Featuring Tommy Lee And John Bonham; Looking Back And Drumming Forward Enter Music Publishing, publishers of DRUM!, has published a very special "Rock Royalty" Issue. Featuring kings of the throne, Mötely Crüe's Tommy Lee and Led Zeppelin's John Bonham, DRUM! explores the impact of these percussion heroes in the present and the past. And to celebrate the rock royalty issue Enter Music Publishing is offering free downloads of an out-of-print mini-book, Like Father, Like Son, featuring J... Read More

A Drummer's Dream - Incredibly unique documentary!
Posted On 10/03/2010 20:26:16 by KateMunro
A Drummer's Dream - Incredibly unique drumming documentary! Award-winning director John Walker’s feature documentary A Drummer's Dream is a rare and unique assembly of some of the greatest drummers in the world. A Drummer's Dream screens at the Vancouver International Film Festival on Monday, October 4th at 6:30pm and Wednesday, October 6th at 3:00 at Empire Granville Theatre. ... Read More

NBN drum blog
Posted On 08/25/2010 16:05:12 by NaughtyByNature
Well decided to buy this Yamaha Steve Jordan 8"x5" snare...now i have a 8"x7" tom mounted on the hihat stand but i need a tom/snare convertible. so gonna tune this thing lower than the primary snare, and off we go.. looking forward to it to say the least:))))))))... Read More

When Is It Time to Hang Up the Sticks?
Posted On 08/21/2010 01:21:33 by KenSanders
  Sometimes I hear discussions about the appropriate age to stop playing drums.   The opinions about this topic vary, but I do not think it is an age-related decision.  It is, on the contrary; an attitude, health, and ability matter.  Specific situations actually evolve and morph into an endless number of possible paths.   Physical change isn’t an overnight surprise…..unless you have a serious accident or sudden change in your physical/mental ability. &nbs... Read More

Playing softly but still laying down the groove
Posted On 08/08/2010 22:52:42 by KenSanders
  I perform frequently in venues where patrons come to enjoy acoustic jazz.  A drummer and friend recently wrote to say:     “I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU DO IT.......PLAYING WITH DRIVE AND ENERGY ALL NIGHT LONG, BUT YET KEEPING THE VOLUME AT A WHISPHER!"   Let his observations sink in just a moment.        Well, there are several aspects to being able to do that.  However, be warned now.  If you are only willing to play those gigs where you get to beat the hell out of your drums…..the... Read More

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