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please do it
Posted On 03/08/2007 10:02:05 by drummerboy1
who are you ?
whats your occupation ?
how old are you ?
are we friends ?
what instrument do you play ?
 can you give me any advise for my future career in music ?
what paths did you take to become sucsessful at what you are ?
anything else ?   
thank you !... Read More

Posted On 01/28/2007 09:38:21 by thanatos
Hello I'm new here and looking for friends to chat with about drums or anything else that's on your mind!So visit my page sometime and send a request if your interested.And thanks for the site it's pretty awsome!!! ... Read More

Posted On 01/23/2007 19:01:08 by kamakazee
i need help! i'm trying to find out about drum triggers. but i not sure how they work on an acoustic drums..and what equipment i need for them to work! i found some ddrum triggers on the net but no details to wot they need to be connected to or how they work! can any one help??
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Posted On 01/16/2007 19:38:46 by kamakazee
well...i have had an operation on the 22nd dec on both my knee..it sux can't play my drums for a long time! and i got loads of new stuff for it.. like a cowbell and mount, new evans G2 drum heads, 10" Tom, 3 pairs of new sticks. the closest i can get to playing at the moment is a practice pad...but its just not the same...Crushed!
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Posted On 01/16/2007 15:37:56 by Metalfinger
Ok Im new here... But I like what I see, drummers comming together. Thanks to Pasha and I hope to learn and help as much as possible. There are a few styles of drumming that I fit into, rock, metal, and a little jazzy at times. Not a bad mix. Thanks everyone I hope to meet alot of new friends through here and hey... Always play your drums!... Read More

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