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Nobody has any advice!What happened to the Drummers Community
Posted On 05/15/2007 16:53:48 by joeda408drummer
Damn ! a fellow drummer can`t even get a response. I thought this site was a drummers community.Any response would be very helpful right about now ! Pasha, do you have any advice that you could possibly share ? Well I guess I will have to come back and check this site again for a response. Well drum on to whoever`s out there!!!!... Read More

Drum tech
Posted On 04/30/2007 18:00:02 by kamakazee
yay!! might be off to drum tech in london! to have a brush up on a few skills! gotta phone up and aply yet lmao! and take an assesment can't wait!!

was at cradle of filth last night(more def in my left ear then i was and have no voise but it was worth it!!) woo! awsome! and hanzel und gretyl were the surport band they were Fukken Uber!! lol off to see leaves' eyes again in belgium in Oct at the metal female voises fest! got back stage passes! yay !!... Read More

Interview with Pasha
Posted On 04/17/2007 16:22:39 by johnny
Here's my interview with Pasha!

Click here


joeda408drummer`s needs some help from DSA community!!!
Posted On 03/27/2007 18:24:45 by joeda408drummer
Where to begin ,& Where to start.Well it starts off like this .I was playing in a group here in NORCAL Milpitas called SLED. The issue I`m having is that I was kicked out of the band because of some stupid issue`s ,basically a bunch of hear say.To make this long story short,as mentioned I was part of this group, & was removed.SO I later thought to myself that if that`s what they wanted then so be it.Three months had come to pass,I personally knew I was in the right & eventualy I knew for a fact... Read More

my first
Posted On 03/17/2007 18:23:53 by gaddidrum
okei i'm like a little bord but hears the thing i'm from icland how is like an okei land but i'ts not a poppular country and i suck in englihs but i can write somthing and you wil have to try hard to understand me and i hope you wil like me ... Read More

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