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"Stumpy Joe" Grim

mem_normal OFFLINE
48 years old
United States
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INSTRUMENT PLAYED: Drums and Percussion
PRIMARY STYLE: Alternative/Modern Rock
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Monopoly, Batman comics and animation, reading fiction, working crossword puzzles, and playing video games. I am currently trying to teach myself magic tricks and ASL (American Sign Lanmguage) when I have free time.

Escape from New York/Halloween/They Live--pretty much all the John Carpenter movies, Star Wars, The Big Lebowski (and all Coen Brothers films), Donnie Darko, Goodfellas, Bubba Ho-Tep, High Plains Drifter, Shaun of the Dead, Real Genius, Stranger Than Fiction, Magnolia, "Naked Gun" series, the "Vacation" movies....too many to name them all!

I play everything except reeds, but my favorites are percussion and piano.

As for what music I listen to, RUSH!!! followed closely by OZZY, Led Zep, The Police, The Beatles, TMBG, Bob Marley, Public Enemy and the Beastie Boys...I listen to everything from AC/DC to Frank Zappa! I love practically all "Classic Rock" and 80's rock. I have a fondness for Bette Midler and Kathy Mattea, the Motown sound and Elvis, and reverence for the unrecognized genius and fathers of rock'n roll--Sam & Dave and Ray Charles.

I've read ALMOST every book written by Stephen King, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., Ray Bradbury, Alfred Bester, Harlen Ellison, and Philip K. Dick. There's your jumping off point. The wife reads even more than I do! I occasionally read poetry, and actually do most of my reading based on where I am. There's an enormous stack of books by the bed, a stack on the floor in the living room, and my bathroom sink is cluttered with issues of CSN, Modern Drummer, etc. I have an enormous stack of "chess strategy" books I keep pretending I'll read someday. As I haven't played in easily 10-15 years, it probably won't happen, but I would miss them if I didn't have them.

People who visit my homepage at:

No day is wasted if you learned something new!

People who are close-minded, and people who dismiss a whole genre of music. Even if you don't like rap, country, or another specific style of music, other people DO! and you should listen for what attracts people to those styles of music.

36 yr. old drummer for hire in Columbus, OH. I am a "Classic Rock" drummer influenced by most classic rock bands and some regaee.

What do I think is the best ALBUM in the world?
"Rastaman Vibrations" by Bob Marley ("Abbey Road" is a close second)

What do I think is the best SONG in the world?
"Superstition" by "Little" Stevie Wonder, just barely edging out "What'd I Say" by Ray Charles.

"What's the BEST thing in the world? Something out of it, I think."--Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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