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I was born in a family of musicians and as expected I followed the same path. My high school education was in classic music, later college specialising in jazz and jazz-rock. The final part of my education went through the rock.
My first stage experience began in a youth symphony orchestra when I was only 13 years old playing percussions and travelling all over the world. The culmination of this period was a concert in the UN building in New York under the conduction of the great Leonard Bernstein.
My jazz and jazz-rock career was only limited to a couple tracks on a national radio and great fun playing in a various bands.
When I was 21 I was lucky to join a quite famous rock band which gave me the opportunity to play massive venues, to be very often on TV and to be recognised as a good drummer. Later I joined and played with different bands in different styles, recorded 12 albums, travel a lot and even working on cruises.
And there I met my wife. On a Mediterranean cruise ship I went just for 6 weeks to replace the existing drummer who developed some wrist problem and couldn't finish the job. She was a dancer and after we spent nearly 5 months on the ship, we not longer after got married and moved to the UK where she was from.
Here I played with several bands, recorded two albums with bands called PULSE and HODSON. Until 2004 when was invited to join the PHENOMENA project by Mr. Tom Galley who was the creator of it and the previous 4 albums. Here I had to step in the shoes of Cozy Powell who recorded all the previous albums. We recorded the album PSYCHOFANTASY, which was great experience and I had the opportunity to work with GLENN HUGHES (Deep Purple), TONY MARTIN (Black Sabbath), Mel Galley (White Snake) and bunch other of great musicians.The backing vocals were performed by the backing vocalists of Cliff Richards.
After the release of the album I recorded on the next project of mr. Tom Galley with a band called CLOVEN HOOF, very heavy stuff have to admit, but I enjoyed every second of it!
And then I had one of the best moments of my career when I was endorsed by GRETSCH drums and SABIAN. Stunning sound comes out of those drums!
As a part of the endorsement I started playing on drum clinics. Amazing!!! Everyone was coming to listen only the drummer :) Great! My first clinic was a tough one, had to play with Dom Famularo, world class drummer, who was just voted by Modern drummer as the best clinician in the world. No pressure :) He was amazing and so supportive and friendly, I learnt o lot from him.
Later I played on various clinics with great drummers like Thomas Lang, Mark Richards, Karl Brazil, and Mark Schulman.
Apart from clinics I play in a 9 piece soul/funk band and have 42 students aged from 6 to 57 years old :) I found teaching very interesting and I learn every day more and more.
My latest involvement is with a band called EDEN which is melodic rock. Here plays the same guitarist with whom I played together in Pulse and Hodson. Nice:)

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From: xerobafos
07/26/2008 04:54:47

nice songs friend!!!!!!

From: dwalter
07/07/2008 11:57:04

how good do you play drums 

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