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POSTED BY: gl3ny
DATE: 28.09.2008
SUBJECT: ***Drummer Wanted***
LOCATION: Albany, NY, United States
We are seeking a very talented drummer to join our newly forming band in Albany. Our sound is original, melodic guitar driven Progressive Hard Rock/Metal with modern vocals (no death screaming), incorporating both slow and fast paced songs as well as happy and sad songs.

As a drummer you must possess the following skills/attributes:

Very confident and capable drummer
Ability to keep a fast pace when needed
Excellent improvisational skills
Open minded to new ideas
Available for practice/gigs at least 2 time per week
20-30 years of age

Auditions will be held on 24th and 25th October at a location near downtown Albany. With limited audition slots available, to secure an audition it is in your best interest to reply with as much information as possible. If you can, be prepared to send demos or web links of past work, photos, bio, etc. We will decide who to audition by Sunday 12th October and let you know.

Interested? Call Darren on (518) 5050743 or email subcyphermi@gmail.com

Our long term goal is to be signed to a Major, however we are taking steps to go it alone as an Indie. For this reason we are also seeking talented individuals to join our team who are skilled in the following areas:

Booking gigs
Web Design
Web Master
Graphic Design
Public Relations
Record Production
Sound Engineering
Music Law

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