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POSTED BY: alexcatrazz
DATE: 27.03.2008
SUBJECT: Remo Mastertouch Bozzio Drums
LOCATION: San Antonio, United States
This has been my pride & joy since the day I bought it straight from the Remo distribution center back in 1993. There's three 6", two 8", 10", 12", 13", 14", 16" = 10toms/floor toms + the Pearl remote controlled hihat, cymbals and everything else including the Zildjian Megabell.....all mounted to the rolling Gibraltar rack which is one of the many rack designs I've engineered the past 18yrs. The bass drums are 22"X20" and the snare is 14" and they are the only stand alone drums in the entire set up.

All the parts you see on the ground are what’s left of my Gibraltar & Remo hardware. There’s 90 degree rack pipe clamps, a multi clamp, angle support bars, rack pipes, four of them with fairly large trailer wheels mounted, rubber feet, multi mount posts, some boom arms & cymbal attachments, aux hi hat attachments, L-rod cymbal attachments, a couple of unopened casters, a couple of unopened L-rods & one unopened cymbal stacker attachments, assorted memory locks, and a couple of rack pipe end cap attachments. The L-rod tom mounts & dual posts next to them are Remo hardware. There’s even a 6” rototom with it's mountable T-mount and a Rythem Tech L-rod percussion attachment. I was able to fit all the stuff on the floor inna coupla 5gallon sized buckets (except the long rack pipes obviously) and are in ADDITION to the sale of the Bozzio drum kit pictured. For those seriously interested can email me alexcatrazz@yahoo.com . There's probably enough left over hardware to either build another rack (I'd suggest getting more rack pipe memory locks first) or make that Bozzio set up into a monster (if you don't think it is already).

There are some SBK clam shell hard cases included with all this for the three largest toms/floor toms (16",14", & 13"). There's a soft case that holds an 8", 10", & 12" toms. There's also a SBK hard cymbal case that will hold all but the china cymbals (obviously) and a soft Sabian cymbal bag which I used for the MegaBell. Those are all the drum & cymbal cases I have. There’s also some Sound Offs for all the drums except the biggest & smallest ones. In other words there’s a Sound Off silencer pad for every drum except the bass drums and 6” drums.

LARGER pics can be seen at:


UPDATE 4/4/08: Microphones & more included: http://www.remo.com/upload/2008/04/02/72166516.jpg

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