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DATE: 16.12.2007
SUBJECT: Massive Music Clearance on Eba
LOCATION: Sydney, Australia
ear All,

Approximately 62 musical items have just been released on e-bay (28 Nov 07) for auction over the next 10 days.

All items - marked down by up to 50% - are second-hand but, unless otherwise indicated, are in ‘As New’ condition.

Keyword to find these items on e-bay is our user ID, being deane-mich (please allow until approx 7pm 29 Nov for our listings to show up on ebay’s search engine)

List of items by category is as follows:

Percussion – Tuition:

Afro-Cuban Grooves For Bass And Drums by Lincoln Goines & Robby Ameen
Afro-Cuban Rhythms for Drumset by Frank Malabe
Brazilian Rhythms for Drumset by Duduka Da Fonseca & Bob Weiner
Championship Auxiliary Units by Robert E Foster
Drum Concepts and Techniques by Peter Erskine
Drum Solos by NARD
Future Sounds by David Garibaldi
Modern Reading Text in 4/4 by Louis Bellson
Odd Time Reading Text by Louis Bellson
Private Lesson by Gregg Bissonette
Rhythm Section Drumming by Frank Corniola
The All-American Drummer by Charlie Wilcoxon
The Art of Modern Jazz Drumming by Jack De Johnette
The Cymbal Book by Hugo Pinksterboer
The Friese - Lepak Timpani Method by Alfred Friese & Alexandra Lepak
The New Breed by Gary Chester
The New Breed II by Gary Chester
Time Functioning Patterns by Gary Chaffee
Adventures in Rhythm 'Close Up On Congas' Vol.1 by Richie Gajate Garcia
Drums and Percussion by Alex Acuna
Latin-American Percussion by Birger Sulsbruck
Mallet Keyboard Musicianship: Steps to Excellence Vol 1 by Dave Samuels
The Next Step by Dave Weckl
Time Keeping 2 by Peter Erskine

Percussion – Instruments:

LP Granite Blocks
Remo Roto Toms 6", 8", 10", 12" & Stands
DXP 'Pioneer Series' 5-Piece Drum Kit w Extras
LP Gajate Set and Tama 'King Beat' footpedal
Yamaha DFP-890 Double Bass Drum Pedal

Music Videos

Phil Collins - Seriously Live in Berlin
Genesis - The Invisible Touch Tour
Genesis - The Way We Walk' Live (1993)

Trombone/ Trumpet Tuition

Piano Music
Brass Ensemble Music
Tuba Music
Brass Sextet Music
Trombone Ensemble Music
Trombone Solo Music
Just Brass - Brass Ensemble Music
Brass Quintet Music
Trumpet Solo Music
Trumpet Ensemble Music

Brass Band

Batman - The Movie - Main Title Theme
Spanish Harlem
The Lion King

Brass Ensembles

Magnificat (Solid Brass Series)
Song of the Wayfarer and Alla Marcia (Solid Brass Series)
Toccata and Fugue in D minor
HipLips II for Brass Quintet (Just Brass No 31)
Frere Jacques for Brass Quintet (Just Brass No 12)
Two Processional Fanfares for Brass Ensemble (Just Brass No 6)
Quartet (Just Brass No 35)
Six Ecossaises for Brass Quintet
Turkish March for Brass Quintet
Tuxedo Junction for Brass Quintet
Song of the Wayfarer and Alla Marcia (Solid Brass Series)

Brass Sextet

Chorale and Fugato
Entry of the Heralds
Panel in Oil Colour
March - from Fidelio

Trumpet - Ensemble

Fugue in A minor for Trumpet Quartet
Fugue in C Minor for Trumpet Quartet
Leichte Ragtime Trios

Trumpet - Solo

Concert and Contest Selection
Trumpet Fancies
Circus Fanfares

Trombone - Ensemble

Suite for Four Trombones
Suite for 4 Trombones (or Trombones and Tuba)
Little Suite for Four Trombones
Selected Works for three trombones
Mark's IV

Trombone - Solo

Classic Jazz Duets
Trombone Magic - 50 Solos and Duets
Concert and Contest Collection for Trombone with piano accompaniment
10 Bassoon Concerti vol 1
Concerto No 2 in D Flat Major
Sonata in F minor


Easy Classics For Two - Tuba Duet
Largo and Allegro
Beersheba Neo-Baroque Suite

Concert/ Wind Band

The Art of Conducting: Great Conductors of the Past
Rhapsody In Blue
Norwegian Rhapsody
Second Concerto for Clarinet
First Suite for Band
Symphony No 5 1/2
Scherzo and Nocturne from A Moorside Suite
Tin Pan Alley!
The Spirit of the Guard (Concert March)
Festival Variations
A Grand Grand Overture Opus 57
The Immovable Do
Concertante for Alto Saxophone and Band
Canticle for Solo Clarinet and Band
Coronation Suite
March, Pastorale, and Fanfare
A Somerset Rhapsody Op 21
Canticle of the Creatures (Symphonic Suite for Band)
Blue Lake


A Dozen a Day (Book Three - Transitional)
The Children's Bach
Scales and Arpeggios for the Piano
Pianoforte Third Grade
Pianoforte Fourth Grade
Pianoforte Fifth Grade
Pianoforte Sixth Grade

Other Items

Michael Jackson – Thriller (LP picture disk)
The World of Beatrix Potter (Complete Collection)
My Wonderful Numberbox and My Wonderful Wordbox (Children’s Educational)

Many thanks in advance and we hope you can find something here you like.

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