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Category: Drums
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Created: Dec 8, 2008
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Location: Madison , United States
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Johnathan OFFLINE
It's all about playing the right way & having fun

Have a question about the proper way to hold your sticks, position your kit, where to go for good teaching material and more, then this place is for you.

You will have an opportunity to receive feedback and get the inside scoop from some of DSA's best drummers as well as exchange experiences amongst yourselves.

Drumming can be intimidating when one first starts out. However, start off the right way, commit to practice and you will find your way around the kit in no time.

This is also a fun area, you may embed vids of yourself for feedback such as grip, setup, tunning (let us see and hear your heads) foot work etc. If you are playing a full song, please use this link:


The link above will showoff your skills to the entire community and you will receive constructive feedback both in praise and improvement.

Have a vid clip of a great drummer or stick trick then embed that here in the group area.

No links to your personal web pages, those will be deleted immediately.

When your in the Group Forum Area, make sure you click, "View all Topics" This pulls the complete list up for you.

Welcome, Learn and Have Fun,


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