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Category: Drums
Type: Public
Created: Nov 15, 2007
Members: 15
Views: 7380
Location: Nashville, Tennessee , United States
Group Creator:
KenSanders OFFLINE
Let's Discuss Jazz Drums and Jazz Playing

It's about Jazz Drumming and Jazz Drummers and whatever it means to you. If you play a drum kit, then Jazz drumming has had some impact on you and the way you play.

This DSA group is a place for drummers interested in Jazz.... whether it's Traditional, Fusion, Bebop, Blues or any other Jazz influenced stylings. This is a place where we can discuss those concepts with other interested drummers.

This group forum is absolutely open for dialog about techniques, playing styles, instruments and gear, recordings, experiences, concerns, gigs, concerts, artists, and other related topics.

Even if Jazz isn't your primary interest, you are certainly welcome to join in the discussions and offer your thoughts.

Ken Sanders

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Posted By: psychotic on Nov 8, 2010
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Posted By: psychotic on Nov 8, 2010
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Posted By: KenSanders on Jan 4, 2010
2 26 20.05.2010
Posted By: KenSanders on Feb 18, 2009
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Posted By: KenSanders on Dec 10, 2008
3 38 18.05.2011
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